Active Lifestyle Lenses

Mono-focal intraocular lenses are not medically necessary as a basic, single IOL will provide clear vision at one distance. This usually requires patients to continue to wear glasses to help focus from near to far. The advanced technology intraocular implants are another option but payment for these will have to be made by the patient and are not covered under insurance.

ReSTOR Multifocal Implants

Acrysof IQ ReSTOR IOL LogoReSTOR is another type of multifocal implant that uses diffractive technology to provide patients with increased clarity in vision from near to far and everything in between. The implant splits light entering the eye to focus on those images at different distances. ReSTOR IOLs give patients freedom from glasses and contacts at all distances.Illustration of the ReSTOR intraocular lens

AcrySof IQ ReSTOR multifocal IOLs, marketed by Alcon, have been approved for use in the U.S. since 2005.

Toric Implants

Acrysof Toric IOL logoToric Implants are advanced technology implants that provide astigmatism correction. These implants are available in several powers to customize the amount of correction needed. The basic toric implant is monofocal and only improves distant vision without glasses, however, the near and intermediate vision will require glasses.Illustration of a TORIC implant

The Trulign Toric implant is accommodating, therefore corrects presbyopia. Consult your ophthalmologist to find out if you have astigmatism and if the astigmatism is strong enough to require Toric Implants.

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