Glaucoma Treatment

Treatment Options

Glaucoma Age PatientTreatment for glaucoma ranges from medical therapy to laser treatment to surgery. The goal of therapy is to lower the intraocular pressure and to maintain the health of the optic nerve. Most glaucoma patients are controlled with topical medication, eye drops that are applied once or twice daily. Compliance, or the regular application of glaucoma drops, is vital to the success of your glaucoma therapy.

Often laser treatment is used in addition to medical therapy. The laser therapy for Open-Angle Glaucoma is called laser trabeculoplasty or Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT). In this treatment, laser energy is delivered to the drainage system of the eye, the trabecular meshwork. This treatment is extremely safe and is well-tolerated by patients.

If medical and laser therapy are not sufficient in treating the glaucoma, surgery can be performed. The most common type of glaucoma surgery is the Trabeculectomy. In this procedure, a small area of the drainage system, the trabecular meshwork is removed.

A second type of surgery is called a Tube Shunt, or Glaucoma Drainage Device. In this procedure, a small tube is placed through the sclera, or the wall of the eye, into the anterior chamber of the eye.

There are many options when managing Glaucoma in Allentown. You and your doctor while determining together what option is best for you, at the time of your visit.